Hallelujah! The weather is warming up!  It was in the 80’s yesterday and today.  On days like these, I love throwing on my favorite tee, shorts, flip flops and my favorite sunnies.  I just got these sunglasses in the mail yesterday.  They are pretty cool.  I usually spend a lot on sunglasses but I thought I would give these ago.  I figure I would more that likely get tired of them fast,  so spending a lot of money is not really wise.  Plus, they are on sale, so really not expensive in the least bit!  I do have to say, the quality is great for the price.

Sunglasses – These are great for the price and on S A L E right now!  Similar here and here

V-Neck Tee – I just bought 2 of these in white and black and loving how they fit.  Similar here and here

Cut off Shorts – I live in these during the summer.  Similar here and here

Flip Flops – I own a pair of these in just about every color.  Its a California staple.  Similar here and here